Word of the Direction


Dear visitors, it is with enthusiasm that we welcome you to the official website of the MathFinEco University Institute.
The MathFinEco University Institute (IUM) aims to be a Hall of Fame for Innovation and Diffusion of Knowledge and an academic incubation center. The aim is to train versatile managers with proven expertise in all management and ICT jobs, to equip public and private institutions in Africa with executives who have a strategic vision and are equipped to face the challenges of a globalized world. perpetual mutations. Our goal is also the consecration of an institution of excellence strongly rooted in the socio-economic realities of Africa, which is resolutely placed at the service of development and capacity building of our communities.

It is with a view to achieving these objectives that we have signed partnership agreements with leading French engineering schools—Efrei Paris ; ECAM-EPMI (Paris)—and the Institut Africain de Management (IAM, Dakar). These partnerships have led to the opening of a relocated preparatory cycle for Efrei Paris and ECAM-EPMI at IUM. To this end, an innovative pedagogy combining classroom and distance courses and advanced technological means are deployed. The teaching programs of these schools are also designed in partnership with major industry groups, some of whom are actively involved in running specialty courses, seminars and business conferences.

Our academic project is inspired by the best practices of higher technological education observed throughout the world and the location of the MathFinEco Institute and its equipment offer students an ideal environment to study and learn. In addition to a very high level technical course, you will benefit from the IUM training and environment that will allow you to develop your open-mindedness, your adaptability and your ability to work with others, to evolve towards Managerial functions. The requirements of sustainable development and environmental safety are integrated into our academic project. The IUM welcomes students of any nationality. At the MathFinEco Institute, we have a resolutely attitude towards innovation !!!