MathFinEco School of Engineering
Preparatory course and Engineering school

Training giving access to two (2) grandes écoles of Engineers of Europe and more than 20 Specialties

The preparatory cycle for engineering schools is a two-year course offered to graduates wishing to obtain an engineering degree in a technical or industrial field. At the end of the two years of training at the IUM, the student will continue, for four (04) years, his training in one of the two partner schools (Efrei Paris and ECAM-EPMI) according to the specialty chosen. There is also a second option with ECAM-EPMI where students follow the first four (04) years (2 years of preparation and 2 years of specialization) of training at the MathFinEco Institute before continuing in the engineering cycle. two (02) years at ECAM-EPMI. To this end, an innovative pedagogy combining classroom and distance courses and advanced technological means are deployed.