MathFinEco Institute of Financial and Economic Studies

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Center of analysis and research of the University Institute MathFinEco, MIFES is specialized in the realization of Studies, Training and Advice and focuses on the financial markets, the public finances, the taxation, the public private partnerships, the risk management, entrepreneurship, banking finance and development economics.

Our offers


MIFES studies include:

play_arrowFinancial Studies

play_arrowActuarial Studies

play_arrowEconometric Studies

play_arrowTax Analysis

play_arrowEconomic Studies

play_arrowStatistical Surveys

These studies allow us to offer our customers concrete information in order to better understand the economic and financial situation, the financial market and the business environment.


MIFES offers capacity building opportunities through continuous and modular training in Finance, Economics, Banking, Public Finance and Statistics. The training modules are:

play_arrowMacroeconomics Policy

play_arrowPublic Finance and Taxation


play_arrowMacroeconomic Statistics

play_arrowMacroeconomic Prediction and Modeling

These different trainings can be organized and executed in three (03) days, one week, or more depending on the request.
These modules can be updated or adjusted according to demand.


In terms of advice, MIFES offers a special and permanent assistance to Companies, Banks, Insurance Companies, Microfinance Institutions, Public Administrations, Non Governmental Organizations and individuals who wish in the fields mentioned above.