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Unique because of its university character, MILC is a training course that leads you to understand English as an English language.
This course is for anyone who understands French and wants to learn English.

Our offers


Two types: general training and specialized training

play_arrowGeneral Education is a three-level education (Beginner - Intermediate and Advanced) that teaches learners how to read, write and converse in English.

play_arrowSpecialized training is available to anyone who has gone beyond at least the beginner's level and wants to learn English from the scientific community.

Teaching method

Lectures, group work, audio-visual session, conference-debate.

Training duration

68 hours of classes spread over 4 months for the Beginner and Intermediate levels, and 45 hours of classes spread over 4 months for the advanced level and specialized training.


play_arrowRegistration form to withdraw at MILC ;

play_arrowLegalized photocopy of the national identity card ;

play_arrowTwo passport photos ;

play_arrowLevel test fee (5000FCFA).